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Himalayan Pink Salt

Himalayan Pink Salt became popular for last few years because it is considered to be unrefined and contains more than 80 trace minerals. But let me tell you, that most of these claims are false. Yet if you want, you can try out some Himalayan Pink Salt alternatives. I have included some of the alternatives for Pink Salt in this post. Check out.

Himalayan Pink Salt

Himalayan Pink Salt Side-Effects

All types of salt that we consider to be edible are sodium chloride and originated from the sea despite being in different colors. What makes it called Himalayan salt is the fact that it was mined, 5000 ft below the Himalayan Mountains. And this salt is combined of 97.41% sodium chloride, with 2.59% of it comprising of the 84 minerals. The 38.9 parts per million of this salt is made of iron oxide which is why it is pink colored.

There are 5 different salts apart from this one which was also founded in the Himalayan mountain. But the best thing is that, among all those salts, Pink one is the purest, and contains some beneficial minerals that are mistaken as impurities.

There are no significant side effects of Pink salt that you may notice. But of course, the side effects apply to all the other ordinary salts. We need salt for a daily basis, but too much of anything can be problematic.

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Too Much Solidum is Not Good for Your Health

When a person consumes an excessive amount of sodium chloride, he or she will encounter some side effects. We should consume the amount of 3.8-5.8g salt per day but when we exceed that level, we encounter deficiency of potassium and that leads to dehydration, cramps, and high blood pressure.

Too Much Chloride Is No Good

When you are consuming too much salt, it also means you are consuming too much chloride. It can lead to high bodily acidity, dehydration, and improper kidney function, the risk of diabetes, metabolism issue. We don’t want any of it, do we?

Have you ever heard the name of Sole? It is a common mixture of salt and water. Some people believe that it can stimulate your metabolism, unfortunately, it is not true.

Consuming Himalayan Pink Salt Sole can lead to a sodium chloride imbalance in your body and that can bring some negative side effects. Try to increase your metabolism by applying drinking lemon water and eating a diet rich in leafy green vegetables and other forms of soluble fiber other than consuming pink salt sole.

Himalayan Pink Sea Salt Myths

There are two myths about Himalayan Pink Salt which are currently spreading on the internet. Some say it is a mineral supplement and others say it has radioactive particles. Both of these myths are false. Read the bellow sections to know how.


First of all, Himalayan Pink Salt has a rich variety of mineral contents and not rich minerals. 2.59% of it comprises up to the 84 minerals but it won’t cure any deficiency. And out of that 2.59%, there are sodium and chloride, sulfur at 12.4mg/g, calcium at 4.05mg/g, and potassium at 3.5mg/g respectively. The amount of these minerals can enhance glucose metabolism.


Some say that there are radioactive compounds found in Pink salts such as Uranium, Radium, and Plutonium and they can be problematic for your health. To be honest, the amount of those compounds are very small and can typically show any effect on your health.

0.0004% amount of Uranium is found on the earth surface and blowing as dust around us. We are breathing dust constantly and Himalayan Pink Salt contains 0.001 ppm Uranium which I, personally, don’t find problematic at all.

The same logic is applicable to other minerals found in Himalayan Pink Salt. So, don’t worry too much about its side effects. It is just like general salt and a bit pinkish. You should take it with your daily diet along with some healthy vegetables and fruits.

Himalayan Salt Is Better Than Ordinary Salts


This salt is pure because it hardly goes through refinement. But ordinary salts go through several processes before shipment:

  1. Get bleach to look white
  2. Additional extra iodine
  3. Chemical removal of all toxins
  4. anti-caking, free-flowing to make it look better

Himalayan Pink Salt alternatives

Pure Flavour

The flavor of Pink salt is better than those artificial ordinary salts. Some people find it saltier than other salts. For those, it is advisable to reduce the amount of usage.

Himalayan Pink Salts Alternatives

Eating a healthy portion of Himalayan salt would not help you overcome all your deficiencies. But eating mineral contents along with it can definitely help.

Eat More Mineral Rich Foods

Trust me, mineral-rich foods are more helpful than those junk foods and snacks. Moreover, the more variety you will apply in your meal, the more nutrition you will get. Eating more raw foods would increase the level of nutrition in your system than eating cooked foods.


Vegetables and fruits are some good sources of special nutrients such as spinach, kale, broccoli, avocados, sprouted legumes, bananas, and blueberries. Nuts, fish and eggs etc. Olive oil, coconut oil, and avocado oil also promise you a good amount of healthy minerals.



Fulvic is also a helpful substance which is created in soil by some helpful bacteria. A sufficient amount of fulvic acid promotes better gut health and absorption of trace minerals. This supplement improves our nutrition by passing through our cellular membranes and providing healthy minerals in the cells wherever required.


Shilajit is the best form of ionic fulvic mineral supplement. Made from decomposing plant matter in the land of Himalayan mountains, black Shilajit resin provides us with awesome health benefits. Not only that, it is eminent in curing minerals deficiencies in our bodies and provide us with healthy tissue and brain cells. The fulvic acid present within this black sticky substance can boost your metabolism and improves your energy level as well as immunity.