Best Quality Premium Himalaya Shilajit

Himalaya shilajit

Shilajit is the resin variant mainly native to Himalayas. The Himalayas are a pristine source of shilajit and thus it’s also referred to as the Himalayan Shilajit.
The Shilajit from Himalayas is a pure and original version that will give you a sense of what the Himalayas are like. The taste of Himalayas in any part of the world!
Pure Shilajit from the Himalayas has wide-ranging qualities, it is a rich source of Fulvic acid and minerals like iron, zinc,potassium, carotenoids, retinol, vitamins B, C and E. The fact that it contains almost all the elements of the periodic table is something that really sets it apart from other dietary

Best Quality Premium Himalaya Shilajit

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Main Active Ingredients In Himalayan Shilajit

  1. Fulvic and Humic Acids – help nutrient assimilation.

  2. Magnesium – important for the clotting process.

  3. Potassium – helps enzyme function.

  4. Selenium – slows down the aging process.

  5. Calcium – keeps your bones strong and healthy.

  6. Vitamin D – essential for bones’ health and proper absorption of Calcium.

  7. Vitamin K – contributes to healthy blood clotting.

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Best Way To To Use Natural Himalaya Shilajit

  • Shilajit + Hot Water-rich smokey flavor that might take a little bit of getting used to.
  • Shilajit + Almond Milk – tastes a lot like an almond latte with a smooth soothing texture.
  • Shilajit + Tea – your favorite cup of tea with a wellness twist to it.
  • Herbal blends work best.
    Shilajit + Smoothie

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How to Use Shilajit?

Using Shilajit is all about the dosage. Wondering how much is the right quantity for you? Let’s help you out so that you can enjoy Shilajit benefits to the fullest.

How Does Shilajit Work?

To put it simply, Shilajit is a complex mix of Fulvic Acid and Organic Trace Minerals. Because of its constituents, Shilajit has tremendous health benefits.

Is Shilajit From Himalaya Safe?

We get our products filtered through a number of rigorous filtration so that the resulting Shiljait is free of any heavy metals and other toxins. Try it to believe it, or you get your money back.

Why To Choose Shilajit From Himalaya ?

Shilajit is an exclusive source of natural fulvic acid. It also has a rich supply of many bio-active compounds that do miracles to your health.

  • This “nutrient booster” antioxidant and immune-stimulant compound forms about 50% to 60% of Shilajit’s components. Backed by essential trace minerals vital for curing multiple ailments.
  • Shilajit is an ancient remedy that cannot be recreated in any hi-tech laboratory.
  • Pure Fulvic Acid and raw trace minerals naturally repairing the renewal and healing of cells.
  • Innumerable health benefits starting from immune stimulation to cell regeneration.
  • Organic source of Fulvic acid, essential metals, and minerals.
  • Thoroughly refined and tested for heavy metal filtration in laboratories.
  • Quality and safety assured after multiple lab tests and improvements through modern technologies.
  • Reliable guidance for Shilajit dosage for different age groups assured.

How to check purity of Himalaya Shilajit Resin ?

We mentioned earlier in this blog that powdered Shilajit form is mostly preferred by individuals but we should really not try to buy the powdered form or a capsule form of Shilajit because both of these forms of Shilajit are adulterated with fillers and binders and if not so and a brand claims that they sell you the purest Shilajit capsules or pure Shilajit powder form, their shilajit still has to have been refined to some extent because that’s how powder form of Shilajit is prepared.

Now, the question is where can you find pure Shilajit.
Pure or authentic shilajit is its resin form which is sticky and tar like and of course pure black in colour. Here are some tests to go for if you really want to know whether your Shilajit resin is authentic or not.

  1.  Pliability Test

Probably the easiest method to check whether the Shilajit is pure or not is to change its temperature. When outside temperature is high Shilajit becomes sticky and sticks to the fingers and when the temperature is low cold Shilajit resin becomes hard and breaks like that of a stone. Thus pure Shilajit will change its texture in response to change in external temperature and you will know if your Shilajeet is pure or not.

2. Solubility Test

One of the other simpler ways to test if the Shilajit is pure or not is to take a small piece of it and put it in water. Authentic Shilajit or your original Shilajit will profusely dissolve in water turning it into dark brown or reddish black in colour without leaving any kind of residue behind.
But if your Shilajit is tempered with and has a mixture of fillers in it, it will leave a sandy residue behind.

3. Alcohol Test

Shilajit dissolves in water but not in any organic solvent like alcohol. Upon adding Shilajit in alcohol it will form small clots or lumps in it.
If it dissolves completely in alcohol, that will be your indication that the Shilajit sample has been ladened with additives and artificial fillers.

4. Flame test

One of the most reliable techniques to find out if the Shilajit you’re having as your daily supplements is pure or not is to perform the flame test.
Under this technique, we put Shilajit on fire. Upon heating at a higher temperature, if the Shilajit creates bubbles and eventually turns into ashes, it will imply that the Shilajit you’re holding is pure but if it catches robust fire it means that it is not pure.

5. Colour and Odour Test

As already mentioned in the blog, pure Shilajit is mostly black in colour and is very rarely whitish. It has a pungent smell and tastes similar to burnt rubber.