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Fulvic Acid Benefits & Uses

Maybe you have not heard about Fulvic Acid that much, but to describe it in one sentence, I’d say, your life is abnormal without it. The acid is a key of a healthy body as it makes the best out of the foods we consume in our daily life. It is somehow similar to vitamins and minerals and other herbal supplements.

Fulvic Acid

The acid is a critical nutrient absorption that works in improving our body cells. Not only our body cells, but it also improves the absorption of various nutrients through our digestive process. Similarly, it is absorbed into our blood the time when we take it. The Fulvic helps the minerals that we consume, interact and regenerate with one another which helps them to enhance their ability.

Because of its low molecular weight, Fulvic can easily pass through the protective membranes of our body cells. At the same time, it brings nutrients, minerals, and vitamins in the right quantities. In other words, the foods, nutrient supplements that we take in our daily life, fulvic increases their effect on our overall health.

What Are the Healing Potentials of Fulvic Acid?

Not only it can enhance nutrient transport, but also does the jobs as listed below:

  • Fulvic Acid can dissolve and remove accumulated toxic pollutants from our body to provide better health
  • It is a powerful antioxidant that can inactivate harmful free radicals
  • Increases our bodies’ redox potential
  • Helps with enhancing enzyme activities like alkaline phosphatases, transaminases, and invertase

For these reasons, many doctors suggest increasing the level of Fulvic Acid within our system. If you take the supplements contain this acid, it will help you overcome many health issues and let you live a non-stop healthy life.

What is Fulvic Acid?

It is extracted from humus. Humus is a thick, dark brown or black organic material that borns in the soil, sediment, or aquatic environments from plant or animals decay chemical elements. This humus makes the soil more effective for planting more plants and it allows air, water, and oxygen easily reach to the roots of the plants.

Benefits of Fulvic Acid

Humus contains humic acid as well. And fulvic is actually the lighter version of this humic acid. While fulvic used in nutrient supplements, humic used in the antiviral and antibacterial properties.

Most of the chemicals present within fulvic are important for plants, bacteria, and other creations that live in soil. Fulvic and humic acid works together in retaining moisture of the soil. It helps the plants take the vital nutrients for a living.

What Are the Health Benefits of Fulvic Acid?

The benefits of Fulvic Acid for our overall health are mentioned below.

  • Maintain the appropriate nutrient levels in our body cells
  • Works in improving memory, focus, and analysis
  • It removes harmful toxins and free radicals from our bodies
  • Neutralizes radiation and reduces its harmful effects
  • Enables the faster and more efficient absorption of nutrients
  • Boosts and improve our immune system to protect us from all kind of disease
  • Increases energy and metabolism and helps with weight loss; provide good health
  • Lets you sleep more peacefully
  • Reduce stress
  • Lower the tendencies of arthritis-related pain and inflammation
  • Also improves blood circulation and lowers the blood pressure
  • Improves a good hormone level
  • Maintains a healthy skin, hair, and our nails

Super Antioxidant

It is combined with active carbon and high molecular oxygen which makes it a powerful antioxidant. The powerful antioxidant neutralizes free radicals to protect our health. Being a protective antioxidant, fulvic protects our body cells and their internal structures from harmful oxidation by environmental toxins and pollutants. Which helps us stay away from infections and diseases.

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Improves Efficiency of Metal Transport

The carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen molecules present within the component, provides us with an immense energy to be able to do whatever we want. The components also contain metals like iron, aluminum, and copper that helps our cells becoming more proactive.

Fulvic Acid makes metals like iron pass through our body cells also plant structures to improve the functionality of our skin and overall health. It can also dissolve vitamins, coenzymes, hormones and also antibiotics. Plants make their own vitamins and fulvic helps them with the process.

Balances the Body’s Electric Potential

Fulvic is a powerful electrolyte that easily dissolves into water and into other liquids that we consume and helps our cells conducting electing current that makes the electrical potential balanced efficiently.

The electrons in our body cells keep the nutrient properties longer and help the cells to absorb the nutrients faster.  Electrons of our cells can be negatively affected due to fluid loss, emotional and physical stress, lack of sleep, a sedentary lifestyle, and poor nutrition, while you are taking more Fulvic Acid, the result will be different you will notice a comprehensive change in your overall body. The electrons in our cells also help us with staying away from infections and diseases.

Why Take a Fulvic Acid Supplement?

We are living in a world gone plastic where everything we eat and consume seems to be made of plastic and looks so unoriginal. It is hard to get real vitamins and minerals and fulvic acid from whatever we are eating every day. Not only that, the foods we take in everyday life are really low in nutrients let alone fulvic. 

The best example for a fulvic acid supplement is Shilajit.  It is full of the acid and can make up the need in your system.


For this reason, many health experts recommend us to take fulvic acid supplements. They suggest us to take is as a regular nutritional aid. Since it is made with natural components, it can help us improve our overall health.

But before taking the supplements, always consult doctors. But always remember, no supplement can replace nutritious diet, proper exercise, and healthy lifestyle choices.