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Shilajeet or Shilajit is a sticky substance black or brown in color found primarily in the rocks of the Himalayas. It’s basically a resin form that seeps from the rocks in several mountain ranges of the world like the Himalayas ( Ladakh), Tibetan, and Altai mountain ranges.

Some researchers have to say that Shilajeet develops over centuries from the decomposition of plants.

What is Himalayan Shilajit used for?

Shilajit is considered to be the most important Ayurvedic and folk medicine substance in India.

As a blood cleanser, Ayurveda doctors use it to strengthen immunity and improve our health. Since livers and kidneys are the two most important organs responsible for filtering blood, Himalayan Shilajit serves a great purpose for healthy kidneys and liver.

Shilajit supplements may gradually increase iron levels in the body deteriorated because of Iron-deficiency anemia.

Himalayan Shilajit includes 5% steroids which help in reducing swelling (inflammation).

How To Consume Shilajit?

Considering to consume the shilajit may be a little tricky as people sometimes are unsure of the different ways to incorporate the Shilajeet in their diet.

The best time to take shilajit is twice a day, one on an empty stomach and the other one before bedtime. You can also get a few guidelines from your doctor as they might properly suggest to you the timetable in accordance with your health issues and dietary plans.

But here we have chartered some of the most accepted ways and dosages to take Shilajit.

The most commonly used form is raw shilajit which includes liquid, resin, and solid forms of the shilajit.

And the second one is the shilajit syrup. Unlike raw shilajit, it is prepared from resinous and liquid extracts. The suggested incorporation is to take in lukewarm water or milk or smoothies.

Another option and probably the easiest way to consume Himalaya shilajit is to go for shilajit resin.

Nowadays, there is much talk about healthy eating and a balanced diet. A healthy lifestyle does not mean one has to compromise on taste or cravings. Instead, eating healthily may help you accomplish more.


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